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Parents of children with cochlear implants often go through the frustration of waiting for their children to begin to speak or speak clearer after implantation, but the reality is different. Why? Because their child now hears only the sounds, but has not yet processed, nor can discriminate or understand what he hears.

A therapy program that will help these children to process what they now hear is necessary; it is only through the development of auditory processing of language that they can develop a more adequate verbal communication.

It is for these children that we have developed a specialized therapeutic program aimed to meet the need for increased auditory processing and development of verbal communication following the implantation.

The program for children with cochlear implant includes:

  • Tomatis® auditory therapy

  • Sensory Stimulation

  • Speech therapy with auditory-verbal approach

What are the benefits of the program?

  • Increases auditory attention

  • Increases listening vocabulary and following directions

  • Increases auditory discrimination

  • Increase in the development of verbal communication, this depending on the age of the child when treatment began