Autism is a significant communication and social interaction deficit within a variety of the following contexts:

  • Difficulty starting or maintaining a pragmatic communication, limited range of interests and lack or any skills in social interaction.

  • Difficulty understanding the non-verbal communication commonly used in social communication, limited or nonexistent eye contact or facial expressions.

  • Difficulty discriminating appropriate behavior within social contexts.

  • Difficulty playing games that require the use of the imagination, also a lack of interest in people related activities.

  • Limited and repetitive activities and behavior patterns that can be exhibited in: Echolalia, Repetitive behavior manipulating objects, Compulsive need to follow routines or rituals, resistant to changes.

Programa NACE para niños con autismo - Instituto Fonemi de Puerto Rico
  • Sensory disorder and hyper or hypo sensitivity behaviors, such as strong attraction to lights, constant movements and noises.

Available programs for children with autism: