Special Education

San Juan, Puerto Rico – The Fonemi Institute of Puerto Rico, facing the challenges facing the world by the COVID-19 pandemic, already has a 100% virtual program. This program will allow access to education (Fonemi Academy) and speech and language therapies remotely regardless of the child's geographical location.

A consistent therapy program will help children establish a curriculum that allows them to continue learning at the same pace of work when classes resume on campus. Home learning provides for better behavior because it will give you structure; decreases the level of anxiety in children because they can see their peers and teachers again after an abrupt, unansessed separation; provides for parents to become more involved in the education of children; It serves as a form of training because parents will see the teaching techniques teachers use to teach their child and will be able to use some to follow up at home and, most importantly, can prevent children from missing the school semester.

"The special education student learns differently and, likewise, requires different strategies to achieve it. On teleconference therapies, they should be modified to be more creative and thus capture the child's attention. In addition, they must be in individual mode, one by one, not group, to safeguard the privacy of each child", explains the graduate Nellie Torres de Carella, speech and language pathologist and director of the Fonemi Institute of Puerto Rico.

He indicated that language development is the most important area of a child's development. This allows you to understand, communicate your needs, properly socialize, read, write, and succeed in school. When this development is affected by a lack of specialized therapies tailored to the needs of the child due to an atmospheric, global health event or lack of geographically accessible resources, such development may be further delayed.

"At the Fonemi Institute in Puerto Rico, we believe that the development of speech or being able to clearly express the sounds of the language in such a way that it can be understood is also extremely important, not only in social terms but for the initial development of reading and writing. This is why Fonemi Virtual was born to alleviate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in special education children, who were affected by prolonged confinement or lack of services that would conform to their reality," he added, noting that they currently have children from Puerto Rico, the United States and Costa Rica in this program.

He added that "the biggest advantage of distance therapy is the clear involvement of parents. Research has reported that children whose parents are more involved in therapies and follow up at home, progress significantly more than those who do not. A parent who attends virtual therapy is more likely to follow up on what has been worked on it than one who doesn't even know what's working on therapy, and if he knows it, has no idea how that skill is stimulated."

For more information call 787-344-8005 or visit www.fonemipr.com.