Language development is the most important area in a child’s growing process. It allows them to comprehend, communicate their needs, socialize effectively, read, write and be successful in school.

To be able to clearly articulate the different sounds of speech is socially important and essential for developing reading and writing skills.

The program for children with Speech and Language difficulties includes:

Programa para niños con dificultades de Habla y Lenguaje - Instituto Fonemi de Puerto Rico
  • Tomatis® Auditory therapy

  • Sensory stimulation

  • Oral motor therapy

  • Language therapy

  • Speech articulation or phonological processes

  • Stuttering therapy

  • Improvement in auditory attention.
  • Improvement in auditory discrimination.
  • Improvement in auditory comprehension of directions, vocabulary and general language.
  • Improvement in question comprehension.
  • Improvement in communication and use of verbal language, depending on the age when first began the therapies program.
  • Increase of pre linguistic skills or skills a child should develop before the development of the language.
  • Increase in communication intent.
  • Increase in verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Increase in speech clarity.
  • Increase in speech fluency.
  • Increase in oral muscle tone
  • Lingual retraction
  • Increase bilabial closure
  • Increase of mandibular stabilization
  • Increased saliva and drooling control
  • Increased clarity of speech, depending on the level of difficulty and age of the child at the beginning of the program